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Coated Bambinos walking on a leash

Teaching a cat how to walk on a leash is not as hard as you think. Or should we say, teaching a human how to follow a cat on a leash? Putting the harness on was a bit challenging at first. but with practice, patience and some treat they took it like a champ! They love the outside so much that when we say “Harness” they would trot toward us with so much excitement, LOL. Now they go everywhere with us walking on their leashes. It’s always funny to see people’s expressions when they see a cat walking on a leash in Pet Smart.

Dax the coated bambino kitty's trip To The Pet Store.

We did not think Dax and Dormammu will actually be able to explore the outside with us. But now they go virtually everywhere we go. Dax loves to great people outside and is always happy to get some new sniffings in.

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