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Meet Dax the coated bambino

Dax the coated bambino is a morning person like me. She loves morning not because she is an early riser but because she gets hungry early and would want to get her morning breakfast on demand! Hahaha, we call her “Princess” for a reason. If we do not give her what she wants she will become relentless and will start scratching the pillows, the bed, or the curtain for that matter. What Daxi wants Daxi gets! LOL.

Sometimes in the morning, you think Dax wants to be fed. She takes you to the kitchen pretending she wants food. But then she brings you a toy (bottle cap or zip tie) and demands to play. 5 am wake up only to be tricked into playing with the cat. Pretty hard to get mad at such a cute face.

Meet Dax our coated Bambino Kitty Cat. She loves to play fetch.

Dax is Dormammu’s sister. If you enjoyed watching her short legs having fun. Check out her brother’s post.

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