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Meet Dormammu the coated bambino

Mammu loves his sleep. He sleeps like a log. You can touch his tummy as if nothing happens. I sometimes think he pretends he is asleep but then when we try to wake him up (for example when he is dreaming and would physically twitch in his sleep) he would just sleep through it. We let him sleep as much as he wants because if he wants bubber (love) he gives you limitless snuggle and suckles during and/or when he’s awake. He is the epitome of being a love bug!

Coated Bambinos are very loving. They almost never want to be away from you. In fact, if you are not giving them attention or love they will come and cry to you begging for love and affection. Not like any of the cats we have ever had before.

Only down side to these short leg fur balls is that they think they can jump far when they cannot. Because of their short legs you often see them epic fail trying to jump from one place to another.

Dax and Dormammu are brother and sister. They love to sleep together and play together. But often they want attention from us on a one on one basis.

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