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Road trip from Arizona to Alaska

Join us on our Road trip from Arizona to Alaska. We did this trip in April 2019. It was 4000 miles each way! We camped along the way and stayed with friends as well.

We saw amazing wild animals during our Al-Can drive. Caribou and a lot of bighorn sheep on the road. Lots of Bison moving to different pastures and of course, a chanced upon Mr. Grizzly bear. Drive to The Yukon was very very awesome. Seeing lots of glaciers and snow-top mountains.

In Anchorage, we visited the Anchorage Museum and ate some amazing Pelmeni (European food). That inspired me to make Pelmeni at home. I also made a cool video on how to make Pelmeni.

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Road Trip from Arizona to Anchorage Alaska!
  • From Casa Grande, Arizona to Kanab, Utah.
  • Kanab, Utah to the border between Utah and Idaho. (no city)
  • Idaho to Clancy, Montana.
  • Clancy, Montana to Olds Alberta.
  • Olds, Alberta to Dawson Creek, B.C.
  • Dawson Creek, B.C. to Watson Lake, Yukon.
  • Watson Lake, Yukon to Destruction Bay, Yukon
  • Destruction Bay, Yukon to Tok, Alaska
  • Tok, Alaska to Anchorage, Alaska
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