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Road trip from Arizona to Minnesota

We took a road trip from Arizona to Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Are we crazy or what?! When we got to Saint Cloud, Minnesota we wanted to learn more about the city so we took my niece and nephews to the museum. I learned that Minnesota is one of the largest granite producers in the United States. Finally, I got to go to the largest mall in the USA a.k.a Mall Of America (MOA).

Road Trip from Arizona to Minnesota and back!

On the way back we took a side trip to North Dakota. We drove through a storm on our way there. It was crazy but worth the drive as I was able to see my auntie. It was an epic trip but at the same scary as we drove in almost white-out conditions on our way back to Arizona. Check out our adventure!

Family portrait with the petroskys and Zizumbos.
Thank you so much to the Zizumbo family for hosting us in Minot!

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