Why our site is ad-free

Ad-free is the way to go.

A large reason we started happyfeetsandpaws.com was out of pure frustration. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in the kitchen reading a recipe off my phone and been interrupted by annoying ads.

Then I realized it. How expensive can it really be to start an ad-free recipe website?

Answer: It’s not.

Maricho Petrosky author at happy feets and paws

How do you guys make money?

The simple answer is we do not currently. If you calculate the costs of cameras, computers, servers, etc. We are clearly in the hole. But it keeps us busy and we enjoy doing it.

How will you make money?

We have no clue. We have yet to figure this one out. If the site gets crazy traffic and our hosting costs start hurting us we can always move to static HTML on serverless technology.

We may in the future put up a store to offer some items to help you cook better. But nothing is in the works right now.

Will you ever show ads?

No. That’s our promise to you. Even our links out to ingredients etc are not paid for. It’s us just trying to help you find an ingredient that may be hard to track down. If you feel like an ad is on our site let us know and we will remove it immediately.

Do you sell my information?

No. The only tracking technology we use is Google Analytics. We really only use it to see how the site is performing and what recipes are most popular.

Can I help?

Sure! Do you have an epic recipe you want us to make? Send it to us! We love recipe suggestions. We don’t currently allow users to directly upload recipes to our site. We’re not looking for volume on our recipes. We just want a small list of curated recipes we have made/tested.

The most important way you can help us. Share our site! Tell your friends and family about us.

Can I donate?

At this time we don’t have a method to accept donations. If times get tough we might offer an opportunity to donate to keep the site alive. But currently we are good.

Thank you for coming to our site. We appreciate it.