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Happy Feets and Paws

At Happy Feets and Paws we strive to be your best source of Recipes online and how to cook. Our site will help you learn how to cook your favorite dishes step by step. Our videos take you through all the details making it easy to follow along. Every now and then we sprinkle in a little travel and adventure when money and time permits. We hope you will enjoy our site Ad-free (except for youtube).

What makes us different from other recipe websites? We upload a new recipe each week. Every recipe we upload is one we’ve tested and enjoyed. If we make a recipe and it’s not good we will not upload it. Some large websites focus on bulk or as many recipes as they can publish. Wondering what to make each week? We have you covered.

We try to upload weekly and create content whenever we can. From cooking, traveling, family, learning, cat videos, and more. We want to share our lives in the hope that it will brighten your day. Also, we want to store our memories on YouTube to remember the great adventures we have had together.

About us

I’m Mari and my husband is Jacob. I make most of the recipes, edit, film, and write all the recipes. Jacob occasionally makes a recipe or two when I need a break. He does our website and is our designated taste tester. To see more of his work. Check out his current project Instant Roofer.

Our most recent video on YouTube.

Ube Cupcake Recipe