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How to grow Lemongrass

Join me in learning how to grow your own lemongrass so you don’t have to look for them in the grocery store whenever you need it. Lemongrass has a lot of health benefits (such as anti-oxidants, helps indigestion, helps burn fat, and boosts metabolism to mention a few) aside from being a flavorful ingredient to any curry, soup, or sauteed dishes. It is also great for making hot beverages such as tea. One of the reasons I grow my own lemongrass in my backyard is because I use it a lot for many of the dishes that I make. We are going to learn how to grow one today. It is at your disposal anytime you need it. If you need to buy one to use for planting you can get it at your local Asian store. Safeway and Walmart also carry them every now and then. If you can’t get any, I included a link below to order some online.

How to Grow Lemongrass

Ingredients or in this case, items you will need.

  • 1 clean mason jar (any plastic or glass container works fine)
  • 1-2 stalk(s) lemongrass ( you can use the store-bought lemongrass)
  • 3-5 cups drinking water in room temperature, to soak the lemongrass (Tip: if you need to use tap water, make sure to leave it out for 1-2 days for the chlorine to evaporate prior to using it)


  1. Prep the materials you need ahead of time.
  2. Wash the lemongrass thoroughly with running water. Remove at least 2 of the outer layer leaves to expose the ridges of the bottom stem. Rinse it good to remove any dirt. Cut the leaves to your desired length.
  3. Put the clean lemongrass stalk in the container and fill it up with drinking water. If you need to use tap water, make sure to leave out the water for 1-2 days for the chlorine to evaporate. Then use the water to soak the lemongrass stalk. Change the water every 3 or 5 days (remember to use drinking water or the above tip for the lemongrass to survive and grow healthy. Also, when changing water, do not expose the roots too long out of the water as this is harsh on the plant. Let it soak for 15 days or until the roots become soft and furry.
  4. When the roots become soft and furry it is ready to be transplanted. To transplant, use a large pot and fill it up with potting soil. Make a medium-sized well in the middle about 3-5 inches deep. Quickly place the lemongrass in, cover it with soil, and pat the top lightly. Gently water the plant and put the pot in an area where it can get a lot of morning sunlight and water it regularly. If you live in a cold area, I suggest planting your lemongrass in a large pot (trim it regularly). This way you will be able to temporarily move the pot in a shed during winter. You may also cover over a tarp or thick blanket if your lemongrass is planted directly into the dirt.
  5. To harvest your lemongrass choose a stalk or 2 and carefully twist it until you hear it snap. Then slowly pull it from the roots. Have fun cooking with your own lemongrass in the backyard!

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