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How to Make Annatto Oil

Annatto (seeds) or achiote is a condiment that is mostly used for food coloring. Annatto trees are found mostly in tropical countries like the Philippines. When color is extracted using water or oil it releases an orange-red color. Annatto gives that vibrant color to the food which makes it more inviting and visually appealing to consume. If you want to know how to make it, come join me in learning how to make Annatto Oil!

How to Make Annatto Oil


  • 2 cups extra virgin olive oil (canola or vegetable oil works fine too)
  • 2 tbsp annatto (achiote) seeds

Item’s you’ll need

  • Medium-sized saucepan or pot
  • Wooden spatula
  • Measuring cups, containers, and/or spoons
  • Large mason jar
  • Small strainer
  • Small funnel


Make the Annato Oil

A pot with annatto oil seeds being cooked for annatto oil recipe

In a medium-sized saucepan or pot, pour the extra virgin olive oil. Add the annatto seeds. Stir it well and simmer over medium heat for 4 to 6 minutes or until the annatto seeds release their color and the oil turns orange-red. Make sure to give it a good stir to prevent the seeds from burning as it may give a bitter taste to the oil.

Cool Down the Annatto Oil

cooked annatto oil cooling in a pot on a wood cutting board

When the oil turns fully orange-red, remove it from the stove and allow it to completely cool down for 1 to 2 hours.

Storage and Usage

annatto oil being being poured through a strainer and into a funnel for storage

When the Annatto Oil is completely cooled down, transfer into a mason jar. Store in your spice cabinet, pantry, or in a dry area in your kitchen. Use them for future dishes that require it. Enjoy!

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Tina Curtis
Tina Curtis
Tina Curtis

Thank you for this recipe. I could never figure out why the oil at our local Vietnamese restaurant was red. This is the oil they use. I love it!