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Perfect Rice Using Finger Method

I taught my husband how to cook rice long ago when we first got married. He has been making rice in our home for years. Now let us see if he was able to retain that knowledge. Was he able to make the perfect rice? Hahaha, we shall see!…

The Finger Method

The finger method for cooking rice is a traditional technique steeped in the culinary practices of many Asian cultures. Its origins are difficult to trace to a single point in time or geography, given rice’s role as a staple food for over half the world’s population for thousands of years. This method passed down through generations, reflects a practical approach to cooking, emphasizing the tactile and experiential over precise measurements.

The Science Behind The Finger Method

The science behind the finger method is rooted in the ratio of water to rice, which is crucial for achieving the perfect texture. Rice grains absorb water and expand during cooking, and the amount of water needed can vary depending on the type of rice and its age. The finger method intuitively accounts for these variables without the need for exact measurements.

Big Fingers May Break The Method

So you got the hands of a monster. You’re going to get different results. Cooking rice with the finger method is more of an art than a precise science. It provides a starting point that gets you close to the desired outcome, which can then be refined based on personal preference and experience. The method is forgiving, and slight variations in water level can usually be accommodated without drastically affecting the rice’s texture.

It’s OK To Fail

If it’s your first time using the finger method and you have those monster hands. Try it at the first bend on your finger first. You’ll likely get some soggy rice. It’s ok! Next time adjust your measurement by 1-5 cm on your next batch. You’ll find your sweet spot. It took me 2 batches before I found my sweet spot. Now like a boss, I make perfect rice every time.

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Rinse Rice:

rice being rinsed in a bowl

Rinse the rice two to three times.


showing with finger how to measure for cooking rice

To measure water. Use your finger. Touch the rice with the tip of your finger. Then fill the water till the water line touches the first bend of your index finger. Essentially the tip of your finger will be on the rice and the first bend of your index finger will be at the top of the waterline.


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Jing Samuels
Jing Samuels
Jing Samuels

I have been using this method my whole life. It's fun to see someone make a video on how to do it. Nice!