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Filipino Recipes

All of our Filipino recipes are authentic and made by a Filipina. From Biko, Shakoy, Lecheflan, Mung bean soup, and more. Easy step-by-step instructions, videos, and pictures.

champorado in bowl with milk on top

How to Make Champorado

Join me in learning how to make Champorado or Chocolate Rice Porridge. Just a quick trivia, the Filipino word “Champorado” was derived from “Champurrado” that Mexico introduced to the Philippines during the galleon trade. It’s a Mexican chocolate drink. This recipe is a traditional Filipino dish serve during breakfast or snack. Glutinous rice and cocoa… 

A bowl of Tinolang Manok with white rice on the side

How to make Tinolang Manok Chicken Soup

Hungry for some chicken soup? Let’s learn how to make tinolang manok or Filipino chicken soup. I love cooking this dish during the rainy season most especially. The warm, savory soup fills your tummy with awesomeness. I make this an appetizer or main course with rice. In the province, we usually cook Tinolang Manok with…