My Recipes and Cooking

With my recipes and cooking learn How to make Filipino foods with a Filipino. From Lumpia to Skinless Longganisa. You can learn in a few minutes how to make some ethnic food right at home. We sprinkle in some other homemade dishes you too can follow along with.

two trays of biko a filipino rice treat
Biko or also known as Filipino Sweet Rice Cake is a popular Filipino delicacy. I will walk you step by
Home made Filipino lumpia before cooking
I did a Live Stream for the first time and make Lumpia (Filipino egg roll). So I did it and
Two plates of rice with eggs Filipino Longanisa and eggs cooked.
Join me in learning how to make Skinless Longganisa. Longganisa is a Filipino word which means Sausage. This dish is
Homemade cooked pelmeni with sour cream in a bowl
Because of my Eastern European dish experience in Anchorage Alaska on my video, I challenged myself in making my own
A bowl of cooked Jasmin rice
I taught my husband how to cook rice long ago when we first got married. He has been making rice
A stack of fresh homemade Filipino hotcakes on a dish with flowers
Join me in learning how to make Filipino Hotcakes. This is not the regular hotcakes that you can buy in