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My Recipes and Cooking

With my recipes and cooking learn How to make Filipino foods with a Filipino. From Lumpia to Skinless Longganisa. You can learn in a few minutes how to make some ethnic food right at home. Enjoy Hawaiian recipes from Hawaii’s top chefs and from our friends. Also, we have some American recipes from friends and family. We sprinkle in some other homemade dishes you too can follow along with.

Cucumber Aioli In a large glass bowl
Cucumber Aioli is one of my favorite sauces because of the refreshing taste of the cucumber. I personally like it
Zucchini Bread in glassware with cream cheese frosting
I tried Zucchini bread at my parents-in-law's house for the first time. My Father-in-law made his awesome zucchini bread when
Black pepper chicken in a bowl
Join me in learning how to make Black Pepper Chicken. Black pepper chicken is my go-to chicken recipe for weekend
Pork Guisantes on a plate with white rice
This is a great dish if you're thinking about making stew with pork. Join me in learning how to make
Lap Xuong Fried Rice in a bowl
Lap Xuong or Chinese style sausage fried rice is my husband and I's go-to breakfast. The secret is to make
home made guacamole in a bowl with chips
Let's learn how to make guacamole! I will not only walk you through each step. But I will show you
Home made cast iron bread rolls
This bread roll recipe is very easy to follow and the bread rolls are super soft, airy, and delicious. Putting
champorado in bowl with milk on top
Join me in learning how to make Champorado or Chocolate Rice Porridge. Just a quick trivia, the Filipino word "Champorado"
chocolate chip cookies cooling on a rack
Ready to learn how to make chocolate chip cookies with me? I got inspired in making this cookie recipe because